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About Felicity


BSc Dip



"Being sustainable and environmentally conscious is extremely important to me."

Distinctively Diverse

RHS award-winning garden designer Felicity O'Rourke has a diverse background in science, management consulting and aviation, working for almost a decade as a Commercial Airline Pilot flying Boeing 737s and Airbus A320s.

Awarded a Distinction Diploma in Garden Design from KLC School of Design, the accolade of ‘Top KLC Student 2020’ and the ‘Debbie Roberts Award for Vision and Excellence’, Felicity went on to create a thought-provoking, environmentally-themed 'Eye of Providence' Garden, that won her a Bronze Medal at the 2020 Moscow Flower Show. 

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Inspired by Nature

The therapeutic effects of Felicity's own garden helped her emerge from a difficult time of poor health that rekindled her creative spirit and love of nature that inspired her to follow a new path in garden design.  

Felicity now aims to reconnect her clients with the therapeutic benefits of nature through their own gardens and landscapes by exciting their senses and emotions in creative personal and sustainable ways. 


Felicity's inspired ‘Extinction’ Garden, which won a Silver Medal at the RHS Hampton Show in 2021, demonstrated her high ethical standards and talent for bringing her creative visions to life. 

Landscapes, nature and art have always inspired me but I have inherited the love of gardens from my mother, and her mother and father before her.  Some of my earliest memories are playing in my grand-parents’ garden, hopping along their stepping stone path and enjoying the unforgettable smell of sweet peas. 

My path in adulthood initially ventured into the world of science and technology, from a Honours Degree in Biochemistry, to Management Consultancy and then to Commercial Aviation.  I enjoyed travelling to places of outstanding natural beauty and enjoyed the magnificence of the earth’s landscape from my aerial view in the flight deck.


In more recent years, after having our three daughters, our garden provided me with a therapeutic way to emerge from a difficult time of poor health.  It rekindled my love of nature and my creative spirit and inspired me to follow a path in Garden Design.​ 


I enrolled at KLC School of Design for a Diploma in Garden Design.  2020 was a really challenging year of intensive study, as well as being an immense source of inspiration at a difficult time.  During this time, my thought-provoking, environmentally-themed ‘Eye of Providence’ Garden won a Bronze Medal at Moscow Flower Show 2020.

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Upon graduation from KLC School of Design in December 2020, I was awarded a Distinction Diploma in Garden Design and won the accolade of ‘Top KLC Student 2020’ and the ‘Debbie Roberts Award for Vision and Excellence’.


My college project to design a show garden for the Global Impact Garden Category at RHS Hampton was realised in 2021 and awarded an RHS Silver Medal.  Having the prestige of being sponsored and backed by the RHS in this endeavour further strengthened my resolve to make environmentally conscious designs for all my clients.


I feel privileged that this new career has given me the opportunity to reconnect with the living natural world in such a creative way.  My goal is to give others the same opportunity, by designing gardens and sustainable landscapes which don’t just look beautiful but functionally meet their needs, whilst resonating with them on an emotional level.

Contact Me


If you would like to discuss your garden design aspirations, do get in touch,  you can call me on


07961 148012

or email:

I would love to hear from you!

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"Inspired by nature, I have a fresh and creative approach to designing spaces that serve both my clients and the environment best."

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