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Garden Design Services

From Concept to Completion

I can provide all aspects of garden design, from the initial concept through to the fine details, including the all important planting.  I can also help find a qualified landscaper to build your new garden for you.


If you already have a structure to your garden and only need planting advice, I can help with planting designs.

If you are unsure what to do with your garden, for an hourly charge I can visit the space to discuss options on a garden consultation basis and provide advice on plants., which  I can source and supply at very reasonable, less than retail prices, as I have a network of wholesale retailers who I work with and trust.

In addition to design and planting services, I can provide a maintenance plan to help you care for your plants once the garden is complete to aid its growth and development for the future.

Terraced back garden design with inclined wheelchair access using cotswold limestone in pa

Example Design Deliverables


"Inspired by nature, I have a fresh and creative approach to designing spaces that serve both you and the environment best."

Contact Felicity


For inspriation, or  to discuss your garden design ideas please call me on

07961 148012

or email:

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