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Residential Garden Design

Inspired by Nature... Driven by Passion

Wimbledon-based garden designer Felicity O’Rourke specialises in creating environmentally-aware and sustainable garden designs for private residential and commercial properties in and around Wimbledon and Wimbledon Village, Wandsworth, New Malden, Surrey, Richmond and Clapham, South East England.

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Award-winning Design

Former pilot turned RHS award-winning garden designer Felicity O’Rourke excels in designing meaningful outdoor spaces in and around Wimbledon for clients who love their gardens, but also need professional advice to maximise the potential of their own garden space.

Drawing on her artistic flare, Felicity will consider and understand your overall aspirations, before offering new ideas and alternative concepts you may never otherwise have considered before.

"Developing a new garden design is actually a very personal process for me, as every design I create comes from deep within."


By incorporating the unique style of your home into your new garden, Felicity will design spaces you can use to their fullest potential.  So expect to be thrilled when the vision she painted of your new garden comes to life, as it is likely to surpass even your wildest dreams!

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Beautiful, Functional, Sustainable

Sympathetic garden designs in Wimbledon Village, Wandsworth, Surrey and South East UK

Felicity O Rourke's environmentally-aware and sustainable garden designs extend from private residential properties to large-scale commercial gardens for hotels, business parks and city councils. 


Drawing on her love of nature and wildlife, Felicity designs captivating, uplifting and therapeutic gardens and green spaces that are easy to view, access and enjoy.   An intrinsic element of her designs is that they also promote the beneficial emotional responses to nature so essential to our overall health and well-being.

Felicity's RHS award-winning show design "Extinction" (see below video) dramatically demonstrates the impact of climate change, showing how modern man's mindless exploitation of natural resources and destruction of ancient ecosystems is to the detriment of himself and the natural world:


"As a former commercial airline pilot, I felt the shock impact of a crashed aircraft was the most powerful way communicate the awe and essential sense of loss and devastation we face from a 6th Mass Extinction if we do not act now to save our planet."

Felicity O'Rourke

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A Natural Inspiration


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Ultra-inspiring, award-winning garden design

In addition to creating innovative and ward-winning show garden designs, Felicity  successfully designs beautiful residential and commercial gardens, as well as striking landscapes that meet both your functional needs and resonate on an emotional level.


As Felicity takes time to understand you, your home, the psychology of your landscape, surrounding environment and the delicate balance between privacy and exposure, you can be sure that your carefully-considered garden design will gently reconnect you with nature in novel and thoughtful ways, ultimately delivering the joy and positive emotional experiences that only such a compassionate approach to your garden design can provide.


So, if you need inspiration, or are looking for someone to bring energy, enthusiasm and new life to your garden, then look no further, as Felicity's reassuringly accurate ability to evaluate, envision and ultimately manifest the most beautiful and healthful garden you could imagine is only a phone call or email away.

For more information, or to discuss your garden design aspirations, call Felicity now on

07961 148012

or email:

A view of the driveway, orchard and entrance to the country house and how they connect wit

"Working with Felicity has been an absolute pleasure - she understood my brief and my budget and worked hard to give me the garden of my dreams."

Polly George, Wimbledon, June 2022

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To discuss your garden design aspirations, or see how Felicity can help you,

Call Felicity  on 07961 148012

or email:

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