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Stage 1
Garden Site Visit

An on-site meeting is fundamental to ensure my understanding of your aspirations for the space.


During this visit we can discuss ideas and I can assess whether you will need a topographical survey or if I can take the necessary measurements in the garden myself.


My visit involves establishing the feel of the place, making sketches and notes regarding light/shade and environmental conditions within the garden.

Garden Design Services Wimbleson - Stage 1.webp

Stage 2
Conceptual masterplan

I create your conceptual masterplan by studying both the site and its interaction with the surrounding landscape as a whole.


I translate visual impressions, an initial planting palette and an understanding of your functional requirements and personal preferences into a coherent narrative for the space.

Stage 3
Detailed masterplan & Planting Plan

Once you agreed the Conceptual Masterplan , i create the Detailed Design Masterplan and Planting Design Plan.


During this stage, I define the specific details of the design in order to prepare for the Tender Process.

Stage 2 Conceptual masterplan.webp

Stage 4
Garden Tender Process

This is where I compile and collate construction details, costings of materials and labour to obtain quotes from landscape contractors for comparison.

Stage 5
Garden Construction and Build

The designer schedules meetings with the landscape construction team on site to ensure the build and planting is carried out in accordance with the design.

Stage 6 - maintenance plan.webp

Stage 6
Garden Maintenance  Plan

If required, I can draw up a maintenance manual for the planting and other garden features to help you and a maintenance contractor care for your garden, so that it continues to grow and develop as it was designed in the long term.

"I can tailor my approach to suit each project and each every client's specific requirements. No task is too big or too small."

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