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"Whether traditional, contemporary, historical, sustainability lies at the core of all the gardens I design."

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Historic Garden (1000px x 667px).jpg
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The key in more rural setting is to design the garden in context with the house, whilst blending the garden seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. This can be achieved by using ‘borrowed views’ from the greater landscape and bleeding formality close to the house into more naturalistic planting further from the house.


Understanding the historical context of a property and its garden is vital to either creating or restoring a garden in harmony with the spirit of its original design. At the same time, it is important that the owners are able to stamp their own personality on the garden thereby making their own contribution to the garden’s history.


Using contrasts and similarities in shape and texture throughout a garden with clean lines and using modern techniques and materials can give any garden a contemporary feel.

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Large Residential Back Garden.jpg
Roof Garden (1000px x 667px).jpg


Small gardens can feel claustrophobic so by adding a feature within the garden, the focus can be drawn into the space rather than focusing on the boundaries. This, coupled with careful thought about layout, function and planting can create a garden oasis.


There is often the desire to see all of the garden all at once, in gardens of this size. However, partitioning the space into smaller outdoor ‘rooms’ provides a sense of exploration and intrigue in the garden and multiple destinations to stop and pause.


Given their exposure to the elements, the most successfully designed roof terraces offer a degree of safe enclosure whilst framing the view beyond. Consideration to structural roof load limits and practical logistics is vital in planning the construction of these gardens and their on-going maintenance requirements.

"Inspired by nature, I have a fresh and creative approach to designing spaces that serve both the client and environment best."

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